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About Souxin

2016-09-29 14:16

  Guangzhou Souxin Appliances Co. , Ltd.  is a professional manufacturer and exporter which is concerned with the   design, development , production  and  sales  of  LED TV, CRT TV, TV  SKD, air-conditioner,  and  a  series of electronic   products.   The headquarter of our company is located in  HongKong : SOUXIN APPLIANCES  GROUP(HK) LIMITED, its   subordinate companies throughout Guangdong Pearl  River Delta,  Beijing,  Shijiazhuang, Shanghai  and many other   big cities.


  Since the establishment of our company, it adheres to the development core of  “people-oriented and high-end   technology”.  Our goal is striving for excellence, and making the world pollution-free.


  Certainly,  today’s  brilliant  achievements are joint efforts that can not get rid of the elites and backbones in the   company,  they  made years of efforts  and  sweat  to get  these great achievements,  all is hard-won.  However,  to our   delight, we can share our great achievements with friends from all over the world.


  In the following days, our company will dedicate the most high-quanlity products to every customer and high-end technology  to  feedback  the  society,  this is our heartfelt wishes of development.  We are looking forward to creating better future together with customers from all over the world.


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